Motorcycle Training Course

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The "Gearing Up" Motorcycle Training Program is designed for the "new" or "novice" rider and is instructed by Canada Safety Council annually certified motorcycle instructors. The course is offered at numerous sites throughout the province and at a site in Prince Edward Island.


The course is designed for group training with a student to instructor ratio in accordance with the guidelines of the program regulations.

**PLEASE NOTE: This course can be physically demanding and may not be suitable for all students. We strictly enforce our safety rules – your safety and the safety of others during training are of top priority. Students may be asked to leave the class for dangerous or disruptive behaviour, or for safety reasons.

The total cost of the course is $540 (no tax charged for non-profit training).

All refunds are subject to a $75 administration fee. Refunds for cancellations with less than seven (7) days notice prior to the student’s course start date will not be considered.

There will be a cost for students who wish to retake the course (or retake sessions required to complete the course) subject to course availability and management approval.

To register online, you must pay in full with VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, Mastercard Debit or American Express.
If you prefer to pay by Interact E-Transfer (email money transfer), cash, certified cheque or money order, please call 1-877-762-7233 to make arrangements for registration and payment.
You will not be registered until full payment has been received.


1.   Successfully pass an approved motorcycle course in New Brunswick.

2.   Schedule an appointment with SNB to complete your written tests and eye exam. Once you pass the written tests and eye exam, you will have a Graduated Motorcycle License.

3.   Minimum 12 months with Graduated License where you:

a.   Must maintain zero Blood Alcohol

b.   Cannot drive from sunset to sunrise

c.   Will not be permitted to tow a “vehicle” (ie, trailer)

d.   Cannot have any passengers on their motorcycle

4.   After the 12 month period, you will need to pass an on-road test with SNB to obtain full licensed.

Courses are held in varying types of weather, therefore students should be prepared for situations such as; rain or excessive heat.
* No course will be held in unsafe conditions!

Please Note:  Students must be 16 years of age on the first day of the course.

We provide the motorcycles for the training course. 
You will need:

* Helmet – Must be the proper size and meet the valid safety standards (CSA, SNELL, DOT, BSI, or ANSI).
* Gloves –  tough leather gloves that cover the wrists.
* Boots – low heel, tough boots that cover the ankle with a tread patterned sole. (no steel toe)
* Jacket – Long sleeve jacket (denim, leather, or ballistic nylon). 
* Pants – Long pants (preferably denim or leather). * Rain Gear – Water resistant jacket and pants.
* Water for drinking 
* Sunglasses/protective eyewear (if not wearing a full-face helmet)
* Equipment should be brought to the course for all sessions.
* Clothing should fit properly and have no rips or holes.

Students will be required to sign a medical warranty, training agreement and waiver of liability prior to practical training. A copy of this will be available prior to registering.  If the student is under the legal age of majority, a parent or legal guardian will be responsible to sign on the student’s behalf. 

Should you have any questions after reading the information and/or medical warranty, training agreement, and waiver, please contact Safety Services New Brunswick at  1-877-762-7233 or by e-mail at

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