Safety Certified Certificate

The Safety Certified Program meets or exceeds all requirements for a “Certificate of Recognition (COR)” required by the Province of New Brunswick.

The Safety Certified Program is a process which awards companies that have achieved safety excellence by developing and establishing an effective health and safety system (safety program) within their organization. This program provides proof that an organization has an audited safety program, conforms to Provincial/Federal standards, and most importantly provides feedback to the organization on both the positive aspects and areas for possible improvement regarding their safety program.
Companies pursuing to be Safety Certified are required to pass an occupational health and safety audit, which is endorsed by the Province of New Brunswick.

Letters of Good Standing are issued to the client throughout the process. We start the organization with a Letter of Good Standing in Process – External Audit Pending, which states that we have viewed and verified that you currently have a safety program in place. You would then have a three month period to book a time with one of our auditors to come to your workplace to perform an audit. Upon our review, if you have attained a passing mark, we would then issue your organization a certificate and a Letter of Good Standing – External Audit Completed.

Then the typical Safety Certified cycle begins, where your organization would conduct an internal audit in year two and year three, then SSNB will conduct an external audit the following year. A certificate and a Letter of Good Standing – Annual Maintenance Audit Completed and Approved will be issued annually. 

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