Safety Start Program

Safety Start Program


… A program that offers

24 hours of training in Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Standard First Aid.


The Safety Start Program is a 3-day health and safety training program.


The program will consist of:


1.       8 hours of Occupational Health and Safety training, which includes legal rights and responsibilities for safety, causes of incidents, and the primary skills of identifying and managing workplace risks.


2.       16 hours of First Aid and CPR training.


Upon completing this 3-day training program, participants will receive a Health and Safety Passport. This Passport provides employers the opportunity to hire workers who have completed safe work practices training offered by recognized organizations in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety and First Aid. Many of today’s employers view safe work practices training as an essential component leading to employment.

ALL employers are encouraged to hire individuals who have completed safety training


Why is this training so important?

When looking for a job, you need an edge; something that will make your résumé stand out from all the others. By taking the Safety Start course, you are showing a potential employer that you are taking the initiative to educate yourself about safe work practices before even being hired.


Hiring workers with prior safety and first aid training greatly benefits companies. They know that trained employees will reduce costs resulting from workplace injuries, such as lost time, decreased productivity and damaged equipment. Workers with safety training also contribute to a safe and healthy work environment, making it a more pleasant work environment, and in turn, a more productive work environment.


When an employer sees the Safety Start program on your résumé, they will recognize an individual who has an appreciation for safety in the workplace; a worker who is concerned about the safety of themselves, their fellow workers, and the well-being of the company.

Those interested in holding a course can get more information on the program by calling the Coordinator of the Safety Start Program at 1-877-762-7233.


Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the Canada New Brunswick Labour Market Development Agreement.